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FETICO was founded in 1979, creating a different new in the union scene, which was established in the Spanish transition. The self-defined class trade unions have as their principal mission being the gear train of the political parties, which they directly depended on.  

Since its origin, The Federation of Independent Workers of Commerce (FETICO), has achieved an important union goal, making sure that our identity signs, how the workers identify us with, are based on the values which have marked our way:

FREE TRADE UNION, created and headed by workers themselves, looking after their defence in the face of oppression, social and cultural promotion of the labour market, an instrument to construct a participatory society, in a democratic and free framework, where people –their moral dignity, liberties, cultural promotion, material progress- are capital value whose defence has to be the best base in the search for the common good.

PLURALIST TRADE UNION and open to all workers. Mutual respect regarding ideas independent of their nature.

INDEPENDENT TRADE UNION, of the Government, patronage and political parties, simply governed by the will of its affiliates, without external interference.

DEMOCRATIC TRADE UNION, but it is not a formal democracy, but a living and direct democracy with effective participation of all the workers, making and acting on decisions. Nourished by for progressive training of its militants, nourished by the critical and analytical skills, nourished by the constant information, which permits it to take reasoned decisions. Defending the autonomy of different section unions as well as the federated unions.

UNITARY TRADE UNION, because it is a labour movement, independent of political, philosophic, religious ideas… A movement, which arrases from the workers action and which always reflects, their opinion. The UNITY is understood from the PLURALITY, not from the MONOPOLY IDEAS.

PROFESIONAL AND APOLITICAL TRADE UNION, workers sector must embrace social and economic. This is a movement that differentiates the political from the social.

ACTIVIST TRADE UNION, but not simply limited to purely social or economic demands, but increasing the union scope to the workers affected.

AGREEMENT TRADE UNION, aware that we seek continuous improvement of our situation as workers, we have chosen agreement and dialogue as a safe and   effective way to reach our aims, rather than the permanent confrontation.

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